Exclusive Interview with Justin Stangel

Justin & Eric… And you.



I was able to land an interview with Emmy Award winning comedy writer/producer Justin Stangel. You will be SHOCKED at what he had to say. (Note to news outlets: This material is copyrighted, please contact us for permission to re-print)

Eric Stangel: What are you doing?

Justin Stangel: computer- iTunes stuff.

Eric Stangel: Who is your favorite James Bond?

Justin Stangel: Sean Connery. Daniel Craig. You?

Eric Stangel: This is my interview.

Justin Stangel: Ok.

Eric Stangel: I asked for your favorite and you said 2 names. WTF?

Justin Stangel: Sean Connery.

Eric Stangel: Did Sean Connery even play James Bond?

Justin Stangel: Yes he did.

Eric Stangel: Are you thinking of Alec Guinness?

Justin Stangel: No. He never played Bond.

Eric Stangel: if you could have a Bond villain/henchman as one of your bodyguards, who would it be and why?

Justin Stangel: Odd Job…

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