10 fun things to do in NYC

One month ago, I was sitting on an airplane, blasting the Swift’s Welcome to New York song on repeat. I fell in love with this city. So re-adjusting to life afterwards is tough. It’s a …

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Exclusive Interview with Justin Stangel

Justin & Eric… And you.



I was able to land an interview with Emmy Award winning comedy writer/producer Justin Stangel. You will be SHOCKED at what he had to say. (Note to news outlets: This material is copyrighted, please contact us for permission to re-print)

Eric Stangel: What are you doing?

Justin Stangel: computer- iTunes stuff.

Eric Stangel: Who is your favorite James Bond?

Justin Stangel: Sean Connery. Daniel Craig. You?

Eric Stangel: This is my interview.

Justin Stangel: Ok.

Eric Stangel: I asked for your favorite and you said 2 names. WTF?

Justin Stangel: Sean Connery.

Eric Stangel: Did Sean Connery even play James Bond?

Justin Stangel: Yes he did.

Eric Stangel: Are you thinking of Alec Guinness?

Justin Stangel: No. He never played Bond.

Eric Stangel: if you could have a Bond villain/henchman as one of your bodyguards, who would it be and why?

Justin Stangel: Odd Job…

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Japan Ministry of Defense develops tiny, grenade-shaped remote surveillance robot

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

The Japanese Ministry of Defense’s Technical Research & Development Institute (TRDI) appears to be nearing completion of the Throwable Type Reconnaissance Robot. It’s a little black orb about 50 percent bigger than a softball that Self-Defense Force members can simply toss into environments otherwise hazardous to humans and have a look around before taking action. It looks kind of awesome.

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Exclusive! Stangel Brothers Interview Donald Sterling…

Justin & Eric… And you.

We were lucky enough to speak with disgraced Clippers owner Donald Sterling earlier today. Here is the complete transcript.

(News outlets, please give proper credit when quoting the story. © StangelBros.com)

Screen shot 2014-05-02 at 10.45.47 PM

STANGELS: Mr. Sterling, thanks for sitting down with us today. Do you mind if we record this?

STERLING: Here we go again.

STANGELS: Mr. Sterling, a lot has been said about you over the past few days, what do you have to say in your defense?

STERLING: Are you Jewish?

STANGELS: Do you mind closing your robe?


STANGELS: You know, you’re Jewish.

STERLING: I am? God damn it!!

STANGELS: Do you feel the punishment fits the crime?

STERLING: Are either one of you Magic Johnson?

STANGELS: No Sir, we’re not. Mr. Sterling, are you a racist?

STERLING: I’m glad you boys asked me that. First of all…..

(At this point Mr. Sterling, much like the Penguin from the Batman…

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